Vacant Home Cleaning


Many times property managers or owners don’t necessarily realize the advantages available to them to keep a property well maintained when it is vacant. You being on this page says a lot in that you are not only aware of this opportunity, but want to do something about it. Normally when you opt for property cleaning, the professional sent by the cleaning company can face various problems while cleaning the place up. With a vacant home many of these problems are virtually non-existent allowing for a deeper, more thorough clean.

For instance, cleaning around furniture will only leave you with entire problem spots that will need to be addressed at a later time. Sometimes our technicians are able to assist in the moving of furniture and other items around a home but depending on the current tenant that is not always an option. On the other hand, if your property is completely vacant cleaning a home not only becomes a much easier task but you can also ensure that you get the best results possible. If you are the property manager or owner of a vacant property you should really take advantage of the unique opportunity that CleanChoice can provide for both vacant home cleaning and vacant property cleaning.

There are many benefits that can be derived from vacant home cleaning and vacant property cleaning, some of which include:

  • Due to the property being vacant, we can ensure you will receive a better, more thorough clean. All parts of the home will be easily accessible for our technicians to clean without having to worry about damaging furniture or other items.
  • Scheduling for our professional cleaners will be much simpler as our cleaners will be able to work without restrictions or the need to worry about disturbing any occupants.
  • Opting in for vacant home cleaning and vacant property cleaning services will ensure that the value and appeal of your property will be retained during the period when the property is still vacant.
  • If you have just purchased the property, then opting for the vacant home cleaning will make sure that you will not need to worry about cleaning problem spots after moving in.
  • If you intend on renting or leasing the property, then utilizing our vacant home cleaning services will ensure a higher turnover. People are generally more inclined to move into a home that is already cleaned and ready to be moved into

By now you are maybe wondering why you should choose CleanChoice to provide you with vacant home cleaning and vacant property cleaning services. There are many other competitors out there offering similar services but generally they will not come close to the level of professional quality that CleanChoice provides. In addition to this many cleaning companies will promise benefits that you will come to find you can only achieve by purchasing one of their many upsell packages. CleanChoice on the other hand is a locally owned company whose primary goal is to provide you with best in class, reliable service without having to break the bank. In addition to this CleanChoice is able to provide a one stop cleaning service providing anything from janitorial cleans to stone and grout cleaning.

Janitorial cleaning

This type of cleaning is normally required for providing general maintenance and care of a property. Janitorial services by CleanChoice cover a wide range of items ranging from deep cleans of showers and windows to replacing light bulbs and air filters. Whatever you need done CleanChoice is sure to be able to provide for you at the quality level you desire. Our janitorial services will keep your property cleaned and well maintained until you are able to rent or lease your property.

Carpet cleaning

There is a good chance that any property or home you might own will have at least some form of carpeting. Dirty carpets can cause people afflicted with asthma and allergies to flare up and be uncomfortable, so keeping them clean are very important. When the home or office space is unoccupied, our vacant property cleaners will have a better chance of carpet cleaning thoroughly to ensure nothing is left behind. Dirt, dust and other harmful particles will be a thing of the past once CleanChoice is on the job.

Tile and grout cleaning

Cleaning tiles and grout is quite important to ensure your floors are able to last a long time. Be it home or office, you will certainly want to keep these items clean. If the property is vacant, then our technicians will be able to fully run through a complete pre and post inspection of the property to be sure that no stone is left unturned. Our cleaning procedure involves industry leading procedures and equipment to ensure your tile and grout will look like they were just installed.

Stone floor cleaning

If your property has stone floor then you may be aware of some of the unique needs that its care requires. Not only are stone floors generally more expensive than any other type of flooring but they also require a very attentive technician to ensure the job gets done correctly. Our stone floor cleaning technicians are all trained in the latest cleaning techniques so that you can feel safe leaving us to the task of cleaning your vacant property. Dirty, broken, stone floors won’t do much for the appeal or impression of your property either. Moreover, if you have to replace the stone floor entirely or partially, it will certainly not be cheap. So, when your property is vacant it is best to make sure that proper attention is paid to the maintenance and wellbeing of your stone floors.

Below are some additional benefits that you can expect when scheduling vacant home cleaning services from CleanChoice:

  • You will have skilled and experienced professional service. So, you won’t have to worry about anything at all.
  • We are one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the valley providing years of quality service to our clients by utilizing the latest equipment and techniques.
  • Being trained professionals, our cleaning technicians will take even the smallest of details into consideration to provide you perfect, detail oriented service.
  • CleanChoice prides itself on providing affordable services without upselling the customer on things that they don’t really need.
  • The huge range of vacant property cleaning and vacant home cloning services makes CleanChoice your one stop solution for cleaning services.
  • Our company is well known throughout the valley for treating and removing even the toughest stains that many other companies would say are impossible to get rid of.

Be sure to call today to get a free quote and schedule services through one of our friendly representatives. Getting vacant home cleaning, vacant property cleaning or vacant unit cleaning services have never been so easy.