Tile & Grout Repair In Mesa, AZ


Tile RepairGrout cracking is very common due to surface movement. Since grout is non-flexible, any expansion or contraction in your home from temperature changes or any other changes may cause cracking. You may notice some cracks at the corners of your walls, on your counter tops in the kitchen, in your showers, or bathroom where the counters meet the back splash walls. Special sanded grout caulking can be used for these repairs and is available in any grout color. Cracks in tile flooring and grout can also be filled depending on the size of the crack. We are also able to repair cracked ceramic tile by removing the cracked tile and replacing it with a new one.

Grout RepairNatural stone tiles can sometimes have holes or pits develop because of how sensitive the stone is. This is normal for stones such as travertine, and can be fixed by filling the holes with a sanded filler.