Natural Stone Tile Cleaning

Stone floors are unique because of their high quality appearance that features different shades and finishes. With this unique look also comes a large set of challenges in regards to maintenance, cleaning and overall stone care. At CleanChoice we pride ourselves on being able to service nearly any natural stone surface with the quality you have come to expect from a professional cleaning service. We employ a group of highly trained stone cleaning professionals so that we can provide a clean that will leave you satisfied and your stone tiles and stone countertops looking better than the day they were installed.


Stone Cleaning

CleanChoice provides outstanding services for cleans, seals, polishes and repairs for natural stone tile. Whether your stone tile is installed in your home’s floors, showers, or counter-tops, CleanChoice can provide quality stone care services at an affordable rate. It is always vital that we know the unique needs of each surface before we clean it which is why we always perform a pre-inspection before actually beginning the clean. This pre-inspection walk-thru allows our technicians to engage with our clients and helps us to understand the unique needs of each stone surface and also the goals of every individual client. The actual natural stone tile cleaning process itself consists of a warm high pressure wash and agitation with a neutral pH natural stone detergent. We always make sure to only use the highest quality stone cleaning products to ensure the safety of your floor or countertop when it comes to stone care. CleanChoice then rinses the stone flooring and prepares the natural surface for a recommended penetrating sealer that is applied and worked into the pores of the natural stone tile. Our cleaning process is designed from the ground up to be as efficient as possible while still providing the best possible clean to your tiles that you desire. Not only does this help protect your newly cleaned stone floors or countertops, it ensures their longevity as well.

Stone Polishing and Honing

Sometimes a clean just isn’t enough to get the desired finish on your floors. Natural stone tiles can also be honed and polished to enhance reflection and beauty in your home by our professional cleaners. Our stone tile restoration process uses a series of abrasive materials and pads that are rubbed against your stone to make your stone smooth again and take out any scratches in the stone that might otherwise detract from the overall shine of your tile. The shine on the stone is achieved by making your stones surface smooth to the point that it begins to develop reflectivity. This process is very similar to sanding a piece of wood to get a smooth finish.
The stone restoration process is performed while the stone is wet and will not produce any dust or make a mess throughout the other parts of your home. After we complete the job we will provide you with stone tile cleaning instructions to ensure the continued care of your travertine floor as well as the protection of your investment into the future.

Stone Sealing

Natural stone is a porous material and stone sealing is almost always recommended to help prevent unwanted soiling and staining after our stone care cleaning services are completed. Natural stone tile sealing will not only protect your stone tile from future soiling and staining, but it will also help prolong the lifetime of your stone floors well into the future. When sealing stone, CleanChoice uses a professional cleaning grade impregnating stone sealer to help the stone tile achieve a protective coat that will protect your stone floors for many years to come. We only use the best stone sealers and sealants available to guarantee the highest quality possible in all of our stone care work.

Stone Repairs

At CleanChoice we realize that even well maintained floors can incur some damage over the years due to natural wear and tear even when taking proper stone care precautions. For this reason, CleanChoice also provides services for repairs, cracks, pits and holes so that you can always have the best looking floor possible. These services and more can also be applied to any valuable etched natural stone tiles that may also be present throughout your home. Due to the sensitivity of certain types of stone, these types of repairs are very common when performing stone floor maintenance. In some of the worst case scenarios, CleanChoice is also available to replace any severely damaged stone tiles with new tiles, as long as our customer can provide the spare stone tile for replacement. All of our stone repairs are performed by well trained professionals with years of experience in stone care to ensure no additional damage is caused to the floors or countertops due to negligence.

Stone Tile Cleaning Process:

You might be asking yourself what exactly is involved in our cleanings of natural stone. Below you can see the process we use to guarantee a successful clean every time.

  • Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspection is one of the most important steps of the natural stone tile restoration process. During this pre-inspection, our staff of highly trained technicians will perform several stone identification examinations in order to identify not only what kind of stone and stone finish you have, but this identification examination also tells our company how to treat your floors with the correct professional stone tile cleaning products and services needed for optimal cleaning results on your stone surfaces.

Upon completion of the pre-inspection, CleanChoice will also be able to identify any pre-existing conditions or damage that may be present on your stones surface before we begin the stone care cleaning process. Although not all pre-existing conditions can be fixed with a cleaning alone, CleanChoice will give you several options for stone repair to achieve your stone surface goals if these conditions are present.

  • Safe Cleaning Agents for your Stone

Because of the natural sensitivity of stone, using a cleaning product that is not designed for your particular stone surface has a possibility of damaging your beautiful stone surfaces. After performing the stone identification examinations mentioned in the “Pre-inspection” process, CleanChoice will then select the professional stone cleaning solution that will be safe for your stone surface and render the best results possible for your stone.

  • Scrub and Agitation

After selecting and applying the professional stone cleaning products appropriate for your unique stone surface, CleanChoice then performs a scrub and agitation process that is meant to break up any soiling that has penetrated the stones surface over time. This step will ensure that any and all soils will be loosened, in preparation for the rinse and extraction. We also only use high end stone cleaning machines and solutions to achieve the best results and ensure satisfaction in all of our stone care procedures.

  • High Pressure Rinse & Extraction

The final step in the stone cleaning process is the rinse and extraction of the natural stone surface. CleanChoice uses top of the line truck-mounted steam cleaning units and tools that are designed for the professional cleaning of tile and stone surfaces.


Travertine Tile Cleaning & Sealing

CleanChoice cleans, seals, polishes and repairs travertine natural stone tile whether they are on floors, showers, or even counter-tops. These travertine areas can be indoors and/or outdoors, or be tiles or slab surfaces. Our cleaning process consists of a natural stone travertine mechanical wash with a neutral pH natural travertine stone detergent. We then rinse the travertine and prepare the natural surface for a penetrating sealer that is applied and worked into the pores of the travertine stone tile.

Travertine Tile Cleaning – Before
Tile Before Cleaning
Travertine Tile Cleaning – After
Tile After Cleaning


Saltillo Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Saltillo tiles are beautiful tiles which are made from natural clays that date back hundreds of years in order to create a warm rustic look. Saltillo tiles are handmade, making the versatility of Saltillo tile endless. Saltillo tiles may be used on floors, walls, counter-tops and even outdoors. Other tiles may come and go, but Saltillo tiles are timeless. The experts at CleanCoice can refinish and maintain your Saltillo floors for a lifetime of elegant beauty!

Saltillo Tile Cleaning – Before
Saltillo Tile Before Cleaning
Saltillo Tile Cleaning – After
Saltillo Tile After Cleaning



Additional Stone Tile Services Available:

  • Slate Tile Cleaning
  • Marble Tile Cleaning
  • Granite Tile Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter Stone Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Repair / Tile Replacement (where spare tiles are accessible)
  • Grout Cleaning & Sealing


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