Rent Ready Cleaning


As a property manager or landlord, managing a property can be a time consuming task. Cleaning is one vital task for any property owner that consumes time, energy and money, both before renting and after vacating the property. From cleaning the floors to removing some of the toughest stains in carpets and granites, almost every house owner looks for professional help at some point to ensure their property looks as good as can be. CleanChoice offers a one stop shop of cleaning solutions to provide for all your cleaning needs. You can choose from our wide variety of cleaning services that include stone cleaning, grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and janitorial services to name a few. Whether it is a residential home or a commercial property, we have professional cleaners who ensure to provide thorough cleaning services from start to finish including pre-inspection, pre-treatment, spot treatment, steam cleaning and a walk through post-inspection.

New Tenants select a rental property based on two important factors. First, they check that it satisfies their style of living and second, that it is ready and would be comfortable to live in. Renters prefer a property that comes with neatly maintained furniture, hygienic floors, and dirt free carpets rather than an apartment that needs washing, scrubbing, mopping and wiping after moving into the home. For prospective tenants, these ready to move in properties are not only attractive and appealing to the eyes but also easy and convenient to move into.

Before occupying a sale or rental property, a thorough cleaning has several advantages for both a new tenant as well as the owner of the house. For instance, for a property owner, it is more convenient to clean, the floors, carpets, stones, tiles and grout when occupants are not present. A wise landlord would use this opportunity to repair and remodel the property before the next tenant occupies it. Not to mention, regularly cleaned carpets will last much longer than poorly maintained floors.

With our professional cleaning services, you will enjoy a reliable cleaning service that is quick without cutting any corners on quality. We have years of expertise in providing world class rental property cleaning services, gaining trust and credibility from our clients and customers. We offer some of the best prices in the industry so that you can get a professional clean without breaking the bank.

Whether it is carpet cleaning, tile or grout cleaning, you can rely on our rent ready cleaning service. We use some of the best equipment in the industry and superior cleaning solutions to exceed our customer expectations.

At CleanChoice, we pride ourselves on being the best one stop cleaning shop providing major services such as:

  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Stone floor cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning

From sinks, toilets, and urinals, to floors, windows, and furniture we have professional cleaners who are experts in cleaning, washing, scrubbing, wiping, cleansing, dusting, and mopping. After using our service, you will be delighted to see a home that has spotless windows, sparkling furniture and pristine toilets and sinks. From inspecting the ceiling fans for light bulbs, to cleaning away the cob webs and spraying for pests, we have skilled specialists that ensure an exceptional janitorial cleaning service from top to bottom to make your property spic and span. Our associates are rigorously trained so that they understand the requirements of providing personalized, best in class service based on each customer’s unique needs.

Carpet Cleaning

With carpets, removal of stains, dirt, grits and sand is one of the common problems faced during rental property cleaning or move in cleaning. Use of wrong chemicals or stain removers may spoil the look of carpet. At Cleanchoice, we have specially trained our carpet cleaning professionals to identify and analyze right way of cleaning before employing on the carpets. Besides using other revolutionary industrial cleaning equipment to perform steam cleaning, we also employ recently developed chemical technologies no-moisture cleaning.

Tile and grout cleaning

Right tools make cleaning easy and quick. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, CleanChoice takes extra care to use the right tile and grout cleaning tools and equipment that cleans even the hardest stains. You can leave the floor to us and in no time you will be surprised to see an untainted bright floor sparkling with a new look.

Stone floor Cleaning

To keep the stone floor clean and tidy, remove scratches and strip off wear and tear marks is a challenge almost all property owners, new tenants and house owners face; we use branded stone floor cleaning solutions that not only removes the stains, dirt and grits but also protects the floor from are so gentle that retains the polish and luster of the floor. In fact, we are very careful while choosing the cleaners and we ensure that the cleaning content doesn’t contain strong acids and chemicals that may spoil your floor.

CleanChoice offers the best Rent Ready Cleaning services. Our customers enjoy our professional service that includes benefits such as simple-to-schedule, affordable costs and enhanced quality cleaning solutions. We have extensive wide variety cleaning service that caters personalized needs of each customer so that your property becomes rent ready or sale ready quickly yet with personal touch.

We believe that right cleaning tools, washing equipment and polishing and mopping devices gives quality cleaning solutions. In fact, we have invested on the latest technology tools and high-end equipment. So, you will enjoy the reliability, convenience, comfort and complete one stop cleaning solutions with CleanChoice.
Even the oldest floors, carpets and granites would look their best when you use our professional offers.

State of art cleaning system of CleanChoice provides step-by-step cleaning solutions that include pre-inspection, pre-treatment and post-inspection procedure.

Our trained technician will inspect, note specific issues especially those concerns that are related to condition of the carpets, or blemishes, blots and dyes on floors and windows, to provide advice, and suggestions on how to overcome these issues. Best affordable, effective and efficient alternative will be provided so that you can choose according to your need.

Pre-treatment process includes pre-conditioning, pre-spot treatment, extract and rinse process to remove soil, dirt, dust or sand on carpets, litter picking, vacuum, mopping, spot treatment on stone and granite floors.

Post inspection is done keeping the client along to inspect our work. You can request for enhancement if needed.

Experience the advanced rental property cleaning services by you. Whether it is home, apartment, residential property or a commercial hub, request for a quote and one of our representatives will be happy to Discuss how to proceed with obtaining a quote schedule service from our cleanchoice website and one of our representative will be happy to assist you in providing the best offers that will suit your individual cleaning needs.