Office Janitorial Cleaning

Office Janitorial ServicesDo you have a commercial property that requires janitorial services? Look no further than CleanChoice services. At CleanChoice we employ the hardest working and friendliest janitors and custodians in all of Phoenix Arizona. We have a wide range of services and packages to select from, each of which is selected and modified on an individual basis to ensure that all of our clients get exactly what they are looking for. Our services are very flexible and all CleanChoice employees are experienced working in many different types of environments including, but not limited to, multi-tennant buildings, commercial buildings, restaurants and high security locations. At CleanChoice, we strive to provide the best possible services in a timely manner without getting in the way of your employees or tenants work day.

Hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company to perform cleaning services in your commercial facility is a great way to keep your commercial building looking clean and presentable every day of the week. There are many benefits to bringing on a professional janitorial cleaning company that many people new to facility management may not know about. CleanChoice Services provides professional janitorial cleaning services in a way that makes life easier for our clients. We first do a full evaluation of the property, create a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly task schedule, then plan to execute the cleaning schedule in the most efficiently way possible. We also place all of our clients with an account manager in our office to ensure that all of our client’s needs are being met.


Office Janitorial Services

No matter what particular office janitorial services you require, CleanChoice should have you covered. During our many years of operation providing office janitorial services to Arizona we have realized that each facility has its own very specific set of needs that require attention. All of our employees are experienced and friendly and should be able to provide helpful recommendations to provide you the best office cleaning services possible.

  • Regular vacuuming and carpet care
  • Dusting
  • Trash disposal and bag replacement
  • Kitchen disinfection
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation
  • Mopping / sweeping
  • Day porter services
    • Our professional day porters are specially selected to provide the best possible cleaning while staying out of the way of normal business operations. All of our day porters come from an experienced background and have hands on experience maintaining a variety of commercial properties. No matter what your office janitorial needs might be our day porters should be the perfect fit.
  • AND much more!

As an office janitorial services provider we also have experience with a wide variety of commercial properties and can service many of the following types of properties.

  • Offices/Commercial
  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehouses
  • Retail Locations
  • Fitness Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • AND much more!


Reasons to use Office Janitorial Services

There are many reasons why hiring a janitorial cleaning company can benefit your facility, but the mistake that a lot of facility managers make is to try to do the janitorial cleaning in house with their own employees. Although this may work in some cases, there is a very low success rate and usually ends up costing more than hiring on a professional janitorial cleaning company. There are 4 main reasons why there is such a low success rate for hiring an in house employee to perform professional janitorial cleaning services;

  1. The employees tasked to perform the janitorial cleaning are not properly trained initially or constantly.
  2. The employees are not efficient at cleaning the facility.
  3. The costs to pay the employee’s salary, workers comp, insurance, and other expenses surpass the costs of hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company.
  4. Your company is set up to be successful at what your company’s service is, which makes managing the janitorial cleaning a distraction for you.

The first point is that when an in-house employee is tasked to the janitorial cleaning at your facility, the proper training to make your employee successful in his or her janitorial cleaning endeavors is the key to making your employee successful. The main problem is that the time for proper training is not always available, making the employee play a guessing game as to how to tack the janitorial cleaning on his or her own. This is a very big problem because in this case, a very expensive asset (the building) is being left to an employee who is trying to guess how to become a janitorial cleaner. This causes many issues for the building or facility because although the evidence might not be clear at first, over time the neglect becomes more and more evident because of the buildup. This buildup over time not only makes the building unpresentable, but also can cause wear on the facility and potential permanent staining in the neglected areas such as the facility’s restrooms or the floors to common walk ways. Besides neglect, another reason why it is a big risk for an untrained employee to perform the janitorial cleaning on your facility is that the employee may use improper cleaning techniques, or even improper cleaning tools and/or chemicals to clean your facility. These too can cause a lot of damage to your facility, and also make your facility very unappealing to visitors or incoming potential clients. In these cases, whether the employee is cutting corners or using improper cleaning techniques, there are very large risks involved.

The second main challenge to address when hiring an employee to perform the janitorial cleaning on your facility is that the employee may not be as efficient as you would like because they are hourly employees who may not have their interests in line with yours in preserving your facility. If your employee is not efficient, to put it simple, your facility is going to get neglected. Without a proper schedule and task list to complete on a daily basis, the employee will then have to play a guessing game as to how to manage the building. Without the correct efficiency measures put in place, the employee is going to end up choosing what areas are being cleaned and how often, to best suit them. This action along with the employee not being trained properly, will over-time catch up to the facility because a janitorial cleaning schedule is not in place.

The third reason why hiring an employee to perform the janitorial cleaning at your facility is the cost. A lot of facility managers have no idea how much the cost really is in the end to have one employee or many employees perform the janitorial cleaning. The building manager may receive a budget each month for janitorial cleaning services, and believe that it is always cheaper to hire the help in house. This is not always true, and in some cases may even be costing a lot more money than if the building manager hired a professional cleaning company to handle the services.

The fourth reason why hiring an employee as a professional janitorial cleaner may fail, is the time, effort, and distraction that it takes to manage that employee. Because janitorial cleaning services have a daily scheduled task list, someone needs to be managing and auditing the daily tasks to ensure that they are being performed properly and on a regular basis. The task of managing and auditing the daily schedule is an exhausting and constant effort, and usually is neglected because how involved it can be.


We guarantee impeccable service and our cleaning staff is unmatched

At CleanChoice Services, we take the proper measures to make sure that our janitorial cleaners are properly trained. We have a janitorial cleaning program that all of our janitorial cleaning technicians have to pass in order to become a certified janitorial cleaner. This training involves everything from proper janitorial cleaning techniques, all the way to the proper use of janitorial cleaning products and tools to make sure that every facility that we service is in good hands with our janitorial cleaning technicians. On top of that, every facility that we service gets a customized professional evaluation before we get started to make sure that we have the proper cleaning schedules and areas of service down to a science before we get started on your janitorial services. This evaluation helps our janitorial cleaners know exactly where their efforts need to be on a daily basis, and what exact checklist to complete in those areas. Along with initial training, CleanChoice also has weekly meeting with our janitorial cleaning teams to go over new training techniques, and over-coming any challenges they may be having in the buildings they are servicing. Taking these proper janitorial cleaning techniques will help keep your facility presentable every day of the week, and preserve your building so that it will be presentable for many more years to come.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide proposals at all of the facilities that we can with a proper cleaning schedule that will increase efficiency and cleanliness of the facility. We will break down every “nook and cranny” in your facility to ensure that if it can get dirty, it gets put on the schedule to be cleaned on a regular basis by our trained janitorial cleaners. Bringing efficiency to the janitorial cleaning in your facility will help avoid neglect of items that need to be cleaned, and will help ensure the preservation and presentation of your facility for many years to come. Our trained janitorial cleaners work very hard every day to ensure all items on the checklist are met, in a timely manner that matches the convenience of our clients.

At CleanChoice Services, we make sure that we streamline our costs so that savings can always be passed on to you. Since CleanChoice is a local company, there are no royalty fees or franchise fees, and the savings get passed back to our clients. We ensure that every proposal that we make up for our potential clients is not only a cleaning schedule that will most benefit the client, but we always do regular market analysis to ensure that our prices for the service are always the best value for your dollar. If you are currently having an employee or group of employees perform the janitorial cleaning services at your facility, call for a free proposal and we can see if we can’t get you more bang for your buck.

There are many ways that we manage and audit the daily task list at your facility, but I want to discuss the main two efforts we make. The first is that when we send a crew to your facility to clean, one of the crew members is a lead tech. This lead tech is not only held to a hire cleaning standard, but he or she is also tasked with managing and auditing the janitorial cleaning to ensure that the team is working efficiently and thoroughly. The second effort that we make as your janitorial company is we designate every new client an account manager to be in regular contact with our clients. This account manager is tasked at providing regular walkthroughs at the facility to manage and audit the cleaning schedule, as well as make regular contact with our clients to ask questions and ensure we are providing them with the service our clients need.


Why Choose CleanChoice?

As you can tell, by hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company you can avoid many reasons why hiring an employee to do a professional janitorial company’s job may not always be the best decision. Whether you need help maintaining your facility bathrooms, common areas, work areas, and all of your building’s needs, CleanChoice is here to help. CleanChoice is a janitorial cleaning company that will help you save time, save money, and ensure the proper daily tasks are performed to ensure that your building looks great every day of the week, and increase the longevity of your buildings appearance.

If you have any particular questions about the office janitorial services we provide you can always reach out to us to receive a free consultation and quote. Don’t hesitate, call today to get your free consultation on all of our janitorial and custodial services!